Sit on top kayaking – it’s still a thing.

Sit on top kayaking - it's still a thing.

Sit on top kayaking is still very a much a good choice of watercraft for many people. Stand up paddle boarding hogs the limelight currently but if we’re talking recreational paddlesports sit ons are better suited to some for various reasons.

Sit on top kayak affordability.

Quality sit on kayaks (there’s a real difference between poor and better quality boats) are much cheaper than a lot of premium inflatable SUP boards. And, being rotomoulded plastic they’re actually more durable and longer lasting. You can literally ram a kayak into any old rock formation and sea defense without issue. They won’t ding or hole (well, not that easily) and all you’ll end up with is a slight plastic skin scuff.

Sit on top kayaks are quite affordable.

When it comes to shifting them on sit on kayaks retain their value well. They don’t depreciate like some watersports ‘toys’. Often fetching prices close to which was initially outlaid.

Sitting can be easier than standing.

SUP looks cool, we get that. But for many entering the world of paddlesports standing atop an iSUP is actually quite challenging. Whereas sitting in a very stable sit on top kayak is much more doable. If it’s choppy/breezy then you’re less likely to take a dunking. Therefore sit on paddling can be good to go when stand up paddle boarding mightn’t be.

Sit on top kayaks can be easier to paddle due to not having to stand like SUP.

Of course, you can kneel or sit on a SUP. But it’s not quite the same as piloting a craft specifically designed with this in mind.

Two blades are more efficient than one.

A kayak paddle has power sources at either end of the shaft. The double ended blade means you get twice as much oomph when stroking along. Kayaking is therefore more eficient. The boat’s shape, paired with that double bladed paddle, makes for effortless mileage covering. Unlike SUP you’ll get further, quicker.

Two paddle blades are better than one.

You’re also in a better position to actually paddle. Standing hunched over too short or too long a SUP paddle isn’t the best for your muscles and joints.

These are just a few points why sit on top kayaking might be the best paddlesport option for you. And NCW has all the gear that’ll get you floating and paddling comfortably – either sitting or standing. Check out the full range via the link below –

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