Modern surfing wetsuits and wild swimming: perfect partners.

We often get calls here at NCW’s Rubber Shack from customers wanting to talk wetsuits and wild swimming. The myth of needing a specialist triathlon suit has been discussed. On top of this there’s a lot of misconception regarding modern wetsuits – the type used for other sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing – and their ‘fit’ with wild swimming.

Our conversations often revolve around wild swimmer’s experiences with wetsuits from a few seasons back. By all accounts, many weren’t great due to wetsuits not being as technologically advanced as they are today.

In particular, we get queries about the flex properties of wetsuits. Older wetties were less than malleable, often being extremely stiff and cumbersome – not suited to wild swimming at all. Things have changed, however, with many brands realising that flexible but warm wetsuits (regardless of neoprene thickness) is a must for all watersports aficionados. Technical advancements have also helped as perhaps these weren’t available a few years back.

The bottom line today is wetsuits that are perhaps designed for surfing are more than suitable for wild swimming. Surfers need freedom of movement for efficient wave catching and riding. Wild swimmers need the same freedom of movement to happily enjoy their chosen activity.

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