The beauty of shorebreak – in the absence of proper surfing waves.

If your a connoisseur of surfing waves, and enjoy their form, reflections of light, energy and morphing personalities then you can’t deny that shorebreak can also be mesmerising – at whatever size.

You don’t need to be a surfer either to appreciate. Although some have taken the art of shooting shorebreak to gargantuan levels where their knowledge of the ocean is not only key to nailing a cracking shot but also not snuffing it as these bone crushing behemoths pound the sand.

If you want evidence of the above then check out the images of Clark Little who’s turned photographing shoredump into an art form –

Back in the real world and snapping pics of shorebreak doesn’t have to be quite so life threatening. Small bumps, surging forwards and breaking on the beach are no less interesting. Sitting gazing and shooting waves breaking on the shore – especially if the weather’s great – can be as fulfilling and rewarding as shooting the real thing.