The truth about recreational wild swimming and triathlon wetsuits.

Firstly let us say we’re not knocking high performance triathlon wetsuits in any way. They’re great pieces of gear for anyone serious about triathlon. For many though wild swimming in a triathlon wetsuit isn’t the best decision for reasons listed below…

Triathlon suits, as stated above, are high performance gear. They’re designed to be as weight saving as possible while still keeping you warm. To accomplish this they’re usually single lined and fairly thin when compared to a standard neoprene wetsuit. If you’re looking to smoke the opposition and podium at the end of the event then this important. Shedding weight to gain those all-important incremental time margins is paramount to success.

For those who wild swim away from competition arenas, however, a triathlete suit mightn’t be the best bet. Due to their super light build they’re very prone to rips and tears. Wild swimming venues can often be strewn with stones, rocks and all sorts of objects that can cause damage to your swim gear. It doesn’t take a lot to put a stroke in shallow water, brush past a hard surface, and whoops! a rip is what you end up with.

We often field calls and emails about wild swimming gear and our advice is always the same for anyone into the recreational, non-competitive side of the activity. A normal double layered wetsuit will do a better job. If it’s flexible enough and durable then it’ll provide adequate protection but also last and not need replacing after only a few sessions. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a Google review from one of our customers –

I was on a search for a wetsuit to use sea swimming. I ordered from an online company initially, very limited information, and ended up having to send it back. I kept searching (unsuccessfully), but I knew there had to be something or someone out there better than big big brands. I stumbled across NCW, and knew straight away, I had found the right place, even though I live literally the opposite end of the country! Mark was super helpful, and several emails exchanges later the perfect wetsuit landed on my doorstep 700 miles from it’s departure! The level of service is outstanding, and I most definitely will be a long distance regular from now on. Thanks North Coast Wetsuits, Cornwall is lucky to have you.’

The above quote comes from Elaine the Skipper of:

If you have any wild swimming questions of your own then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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