October weather – still perfect for stand up paddle boarding aboard O’Shea iSUPs

The current run of glorious weather conditions we’re experiencing is one not to miss. There’s plenty of legs left in summer yet. Give or take the odd day not suitable fair weather stand up paddle boarding is still on the cards. Water temps are warm with thermometer readings in the high teens (in some places of the UK it’s higher than that). So with that in mind, as October half term is just around the corner, why not get yourself and your family afloat on one of NCW’s super easy to use O’Shea inflatable stand up paddle boards. O’Shea are a quality brand who’ve a long pedigree within watersports manufacturing and dealing with top shelf gear. Their inflatables are well regarded and offer performance whilst retaining user friendliness all the family can enjoy. Mello waves for SUP surfing are possible with touring and investigating the many Cornish nooks and crannies around our wonderful coastline is also possible. If you don’t fancy smashing out the miles then simply go for a mellow float or get the kids onboard. SUP, after all, is a great way of introducing your offspring to watersports. And have no fear as far as rubbery protection goes – for you or your kids. Whilst NCW offers stand up paddling we’re also a noted peddler of high quality of neoprene. In particular our kiddy range of wetty suits will do an amazing job of keeping your sprogs toasty warm. None of these cheap, low quality garments found in supermarkets during high summer. Nope, our gear is the real deal and therefore performance orientated, durable and bone fide. Kids need as much (if not more) protection than adults against the elements so don’t scrimp. So if you find yourself in Kernow during the next few weeks and are looking for something new to entertain you and the rest of the family then check out O’Shea inflatable hire fleet. Likewise don’t forget to have a mooch through NCW’s online rubber store for the very best in affordable yet performance neoprene wetsuits and accessories. O'shea 10'2" inflatable SUP package Give us a call for more advice on either SUP or wetsuits – we’re more than happy to help and point you in the right direction. Also don’t hesitate to drop in to our HQ for a natter if you’re in the area. Check out some of NCW’s other SUP related articles below – https://www.northcoastwetsuits.co.uk/straight-true-tony-bain-sup-rider-profile/ https://www.northcoastwetsuits.co.uk/ncw-new-sup-team-rider-house-qa-dave-ludgate-subowti/ https://www.northcoastwetsuits.co.uk/kids-junior-ncw-5mm-full-wetsuits-back-stock/