Spot the difference – Surfer A vs Surfer B

It’s been an epic surf session out on the brine. Lines upon lines stacked to the horizon, groomed by a light offshore wind. Sunshine, warmth and loads of rides – perfect pretty much sums it up. Post sesh most head for the local watering hole. Inside are a diverse bunch of characters but two in particular stick out. Can you spot the differences between Surfer A and Surfer B?

Surfer A slams his hands down on the bar and shouts to the waitress for a round of Jaeger Bombs for him and all his mates. He tries to crack a witty, which falls on deaf ears – at least as far as the girl serving him goes. His friends, however, think it’s the most hilarious thing and guffaw loudly. Having necked each shot they then move on to other random spirits, mixing and matching as the night wears on. When any new punter enters the pub Surfer A makes a beeline for them, quizzing said person aggressively about their surfing activity that day. Did they see how good the surf was? Did they get a sesh in the bag. What was their best move and so on. If answers are forthcoming then Surfer A proceeds to sarcastically diss everything that comes out of the person’s mouth. Making jokes at other people’s expense seems to be the theme. This is backed up by Surfer A suggesting nothing anybody else did in the water that day came close to his epic manoeuvres and impressive number of ‘shacks’ that were notched up. Towards the end of play there’s no question Surfer A snagged the wave of the day and exited the water to rapturous applause. Kelly Slater et al have nothing on this true ripper. Following a few more thrown back alcoholic concoctions Surfer A and friends leave the bar, heading straight for the nearest dive of a night club. Later, during the early hours of the morning, Surfer A is spotted passed out on the side of the road, half eaten kebab stuck to one side of his face where he’s sprawled out.

Surfer B does like a post surf celebratory drink but prefers one or two to a bucket load. After all, he has to get back to his family and besides the waves look good again tomorrow. Can’t ride well with a hangover so taking it easy is the order of the day. Having ordered his brew Surfer B heads over to the corner of the pub and takes up a pew next to the fire. There he gazes at the mesmeric flames, running through the events, and waves, of the day. Surfing off the point, where there are more rocks tends to thin the crowds. Just him a few others had hollow kegtastic perfection to themselves. Gazing back towards the main beach peak and it looked like a zoo. Surfer B was glad he’d paddled over to the point – let the animals feed is his general view. A few times during the session dolphins reared their heads, bobbing in the crystalline water and playing in the surf when a set pulsed through. At these times the crew on the point gave way to these mammals and let them have their fun, after all, these creatures were here first. During a certain ride one of Surfer B’s good buddies had joined him for a game of chicken, which can be fun as long as you don’t collide and ding boards. Sipping his brew Surfer B smiled to himself at the thought. Finishing up his drink Surfer B contemplated a second, eventually opting to head home to his family and an early night. Having checked the surf forecast the dawn patrol should be on and it’d be a shame to miss it.