From the horse’s mouth – Adrian Atherton shares his thoughts on NCW wetsuits

Here at NCW we’re stoked on the quality of products we offer. But don’t just take our word for it. Adrian Atherton is a south coast based stand up paddler who nabbed himself a 5/3mm Gulf Stream mini front zip winter wetsuit. We thought it a good idea to go straight to the horse’s mouth and find out what Adrian thinks and why he chose North Coast Wetsuits.

Firstly tell us what your watery discipline of choice is and what good use you’ll be putting your new wetty to?

I used to surf a lot when I was a lot younger. I liked the idea of stand up paddle surfing so took it up about three years ago to mainly get back into wave riding. Most of my SUP time is now spent with my wife on flat water, open ocean touring and long distance cruising when there are no waves. We both love this sport as it’s good fun. It also keeps our fitness up. But I do love the surfing side when conditions are right so my new NCW 5/3mm Gulf Stream wetsuit will mainly be used for wave chasing in the winter months.

Adrian Atherton SUP


How did you find out about NCW?

I first found out about NCW online doing a search for ‘long john wetsuit’ about two years ago – good old Google hey?

Why did you choose the Gulf Stream mini front zip suit?

I have always had rear zip suits but wanted to try front zip suits. When it was time to get a new suit it was a no brainer. The front zip for me is much better as you get minimal water flush down your back. You don’t need a hand getting zipped up either.

Have you used it yet? If so how was it?

I have used it and I really like it! This year’s winter weather has not been that cold but I’m sure it’ll work great in chillier conditions. So far though I give the 5/3mm Gulf Stream mini front zip wetsuit a big thumbs up.

What do you like best about the suit? Do you think it’s as feature packed as other bigger branded suits out there?

I really like the neck and wrist seals which work really well keeping the water out. The key pouch on the leg is also a good feature. Most of all is the flexibility which I think is really great – it’s like wearing a summer suit.

What other wetties were you considering and why?

I’ve always gone for the well-known brands like O’Neill and Gul but was considering Excel as well. Prices of their high spec suits are damaging to the wallet so a UK based brand that charges fair prices is a better choice.

Adrian Atherton SUP

Would you recommend NCW to mates?

Definitely! I think I have already.

Any opinions on our other gear – we’re always happy to hear customer feedback?

I have had your 2mm long john for a while now and like it a lot. I tend to use it in the shoulder months and have no complaints. Another good product at an excellent price. I also have the 30L dry bag which I use for stand up paddle touring – I’m looking forward to using that more.

Is there anything missing from our range that you think we should be pedalling?

No nothing, but if I think of something I’ll let you know.

Any final comments about your new NCW wetsuit?

Love it! Great suit at a great price!

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