NCW surf blog: 2017 article pick

2017 was an epic year. But now we’re into 2018 thoughts will turn to the next 12 months that lie ahead. As far as surfing and watersports inspiration goes you may be needing some. Allow NCW to help with some choice cuts from our blog. Check out the following articles, get stoked and stay salty!

Right back to the start with the first one. If this is your first time with NCW then let us explain what we’re about.

The beach is calling – keep it home grown

As much as we’re known for our watery antics we also do other stuff. Confused? This article gives insight to our climbing credentials.

Scaling heights – NCW’s climbing links

Wetsuits are as much safety equipment (in cold climes) as anything else. With this in mind you’ll need to look after your rubber. Here’s NCW’s best practice tips.

Hang it high to dry – neoprene best practice tips

Wondering who NCW are and what goes one behind closed doors? This Q&A with NCW’s boss man Mark Graham shoudl give insight.

Head honcho grill – NCW’s boss man, Mark Graham, profile

Are you addicted to wave riding?

You know you’re addicted to wave riding when…

This story looks at pro surfers and discusses whether they’re needed or not. What do you think?

Pro surfers – are they needed?

Sometimes NCW’s blog goes a little off kilter, as the following demonstrates. But hey, what life without a little fun?

Days when… – a lil’ ode to surfing

We love all watersports, not just surfing, as this little windsurfing blog shows.

Wind is your friend – open your mind and let it blow

Do any of these sound familiar?

Surfing ruined my life – perpetual skulduggery in the pursuit of waves

There are plenty more articles, stories, tongue in cheek musings and general salt water chatter on NCW’s blog. Have a look and who knows what you’ll discover.