Ladies 3mm wetsuit: repaired and ready to go again.

Here at NCW we want to do our bit for the environment. As much as we can being the small Cornish based watersports business we are. And that’s one reason we have our in house wetsuit repair and alteration service. (Becci we love your skills BTW!).

Whilst North Coast Wetsuits is here to sell rubber (obviously) we’re also keen to re-use, recycle, upcycle and give new life to products that might otherwise end up in the bin. You mightn’t think your old and battered wetsuit is fit for anything. But trust us when we say there’s often plenty more longevity in your wetty than you’d imagine.

A case in point is a recently repaired Typhoon 3mm ladies summer suit (see before pics above). Having seen considerable use the seams had come apart and some of the stitching was on its last legs. It definitely needed seeing to otherwise there’d have been considerable leakage. And by leakage, we mean big gaping holes that water could flush through.

But it was pro seamstress Becci to the rescue. And after a bit of attention, the Typhoon suit is looking ready for action once again. So the moral of the story is don’t just chuck your old wetsuit. Get in touch with us to see if there’s anything w can do. If you’re really intent of getting rid then we’ll probably take it off your hands as there’s always use we can find for old rubber.

Get in touch to find out about wetsuit repairs here.