5 things that make NCW a unique ‘surf shop’.

Whilst NCW is a surf shop – catering for surfers of all types – we’re so much more on top. Anything that gets you wet and/or outdoor is great in our book. This is how we live and therefore reflects the gear we sell. From hardware to soft goods and accessories it’s all about getting amongst it and living to the full.

We’ve been told on many occasions that NCW is a reflection of how surf shops used to be. Based on the grounds of a farm, with a wooden shack as our HQ, NCW is a grassroots, homegrown business where you can smell the wax, rubber and salty country air. Of course, we still utilise many modern ways of doing things but all with a vibe that harks back to when surf shops were ‘real’ as it were. And don’t for a minute think we’re stuck in a time warp. Not at all… Here are five things that make NCW a unique surf shop.

We design and sell our own wetsuits.

NCW wetsuits are held in high regard by those who wear them. Using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques our NCW wetsuits are comparable to many other higher priced brand goods. And all our gear is made with real world UK conditions in mind.

NCW does a great line in used wetsuits.

Where possible we take in used and preloved wetsuits and accessories. In fact, we’re happy to look at most things second hand. For gear that still has life in it, we can potentially find another user who will be very glad.


In the case of wetsuits, we’re able to repair a large % of what comes in, giving it a new lease of life. And if we really can’t then many parts and sections of the material can often be made into something else. Keeping rubber out of landfill is a real focus of ours – as much as possible.

used billabong absolute 5/4 chest zip rear
Used wetsuits? We got a lot!

Wetsuit alterations and mods.

Can’t find an appropriate fitting wetsuit or accessory? Have no fear. NCW is in a unique position to be able to alter and modify any wetsuit product and get your perfect fit. We’re able to do this with NCW products and the third party brands we also sell.

Having Becci – our in house and onsite seamstress – is a real big selling point of which we’re very proud.

NCW: the place for watersports and outdoor adventure knowledge.

There’s no question NCW is a business. But we also try to help anyone looking for information about watersports and outdoor activities. Coming from a background of many years in the sea and on land we have a lot of knowledge we’re happy to pass on. Coupled with NCW’s extensive network of experienced riders we aim to get educational articles, posts, videos and guides in front of our audience.

Ultimately NCW wants you to have the best experience possible. This is why we aim to share our knowledge as much as we can.

We’re really friendly, approachable and down to Earth.

When you communicate with NCW – either in the flesh or online – you’ll be dealing with friendly, approachable and down to Earth individuals. There’s no pretension, aloofness, arrogance or stand offishness that you can sometimes get when dealing with watersports and adventure sports entities.

NCW 3/2 mm full length back zip wetsuit with GBS seams and stretch neoprene. #11
All smiles at NCW.

A friendly smile and easy going, relaxed but professional attitude is standard here at The Rubber Shack. Got a question or query? We’re all ears. Can’t find what you need. We’ll definitely do our best to help. All in NCW’s customer service is a key element of why we continue to attract the customers we do. And we’re not about to change this any time soon.

If you have any queries then feel free to get in touch.