Weather good news for paddle boarding and beach good vibes (July 2022).

So far 2022’s summer weather has been a bit meh for most. There’s been plenty of pleasant sunshine about. And air temps haven’t been too bad. But apart from a few odd days of real warmth it hasn’t been baking (as some would like) and wind has been a factor.

Weather for wind heads (so far).

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re big supporters of wind sports – as anyone who follows NCW’s blog regularly will know. And windsurfers, kitesurfers, wing foilers and so on have all been having it away this season. We hear how in some spots the breeze has been daily meaning plenty of opportunity to get out for a blowy session if you’re that way inclined. But we appreciate the masses aren’t wind heads. And most paddle boarders can do without the wind.

The state of play recently – sunny, but windy. Great for windsports like wing foiling.

The paddling majority are fair weather types. This is no disrespect. We get paddle boarders look at calm waters and non-gusty days. In fact, the glassier the conditions the better. SUP can be done in wind – ala downwinding. But this is the performance end of the activity. When most SUP boarders are newbies or early intermediates with often not much (if any) prior watersports experience. SO calmer conditions are best. It’s also this type of weather that’s geared for lazy beach days too.

Big smiles for the inbound good weather.

With the above in mind, it’s with a big smile on our chops that we can heads you up about the imminent settled weather that looks more or less guaranteed. According to most reputable weather forecasting outlets, the UK’s weather is set to become much more settled and warmer.

Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co. Classic stand up paddle board 9'11 / 10'6 painted glass / Paulownia wood fins. #28
What a good many want right – calm settled family friend beach and paddle boarding weather.

There are caveats mind. Unfortunately, the north may still cop some changeable weather. And locally conditions may be up and down at times. The predictions given are broad pictures so interpreting what’s being said for your local, or chosen SUP spot, will need to be taken into account.

Longer term.

Yet it’s looking quite peachy in the short term. Next week – well, from around Friday July 1, 2022 – Mother Nature starts to buck her ideas up. Also, at this stage, bar the odd blip, further into July and August may also do pretty well in terms of good paddle boarding and beach days weather. Of course, it’s a little early to guarantee this. But there are signals…

O'Shea i sup 102 qsx orange
More this to come?

So, fingers crossed for good weather during school summer holidays and a decent chunk of time all you paddle boarders can get out. Which reminds us. If you need any SUP related equipment – boards (hard and air filled), paddles or accessories – then get in touch or have a scope of the NCW SUP section here. In the meantime check out the Met Office long range wather forecast for July/August ’22 below.

Sunday 3 Jul – Tuesday 12 Jul

The period will start with scattered showers and sunny spells for most, gradually easing from the west through Sunday. More settled conditions are expected into the start of next week, although with a risk of showers at times continuing in the north. A generally more settled regime persists for much of this period, although occasional spells of more organised cloud and rain may continue to affect northern parts at times. Southern and eastern areas are most likely to see a good deal of dry and sunny conditions through the period. Temperatures feeling near normal to rather cool in the northwest, although likely increasing above normal towards the end of the period as settled conditions become more widespread. In the south and east, temperatures above average to rather warm.

Wednesday 13 Jul – Wednesday 27 Jul

The south is likely to see more settled conditions, while any unsettled weather will be confined mostly to the north, although may occasionally extend to the rest of the UK through the middle of July. The further we move through the period, the greater the chance of settled, dry and fine weather becoming more widespread. Temperatures are likely to trend near or above average initially and may become widely warm towards the end of the month, especially across the south.

There you have it! Fingers crossed this all comes to fruition and paddle boarders and beach goers can enjoy some sunny days on the sand and in the brine. If you need any help with any products in NCW’s webshop get in touch.