NCW kit checklist – family wild swimming at the coast.

With warmer weather upon us, it’s definitely time to be heading to the beach (or river/lake if you can’t get coastal). The sea and air temperatures are much balmier than a few weeks back. And with that orange ball of fire in the sky in full view, it’s a tantalising prospect for taking a dip.

Wild swimming is something NCW loves. And it’s the perfect family activity when next to the brine. No gear needed, other than your attire, making it super simple. And we say wild swimming we’re talking more larking about in the flotsam and seeing your kids enjoy being outdoors. Maybe mum and dad will get involved. But it’s certainly not serious.

Just what we like to see!

If you’re planning a visit to the water over the next few days, weeks or months we’ve put together a family wild swimming checklist. You still need to right kit for the job in hand. Warm, well made kiddy wetsuits; wetsuits for mum and dad; an easy carry all for keeping your damp gear away from dry stuff; kiddy wetsuit shoes; perhaps a change mat and sun hat. Anything to make your free time more fun and easy going. With this in mind here’re suggestions for essential family wild swimming gear.

You can, of course, add plenty more to your essential item kit back for all types of watery scenarios. Have a look at NCW’s webshop for the full list of equipment. Let us know if you have any queries.