Everyman foiling with Dave Ludgate – vlog #2.

NCW and Foilshop UK team rider Dave Ludgate continues his journey into foiling in the second part of this warts and all series documenting the man from Cork’s progress.

Having now gotten hold of a foil Dave’s realising the headache foil bolts and screws can sometimes cause. For anyone who’s gone through the learning stages of flying above water, they’ll be all too familiar with this hassle. Ever the optimist, however, Dave gets on with the job in hand which you can see and hear about in part two of his everyman foiling vlog update below.

If you missed part of Dave’s foiling journey check it out via the link below – stay tuned for further updates coming soon. You can check out more from Dave via his Subowti Instagram feed here.

Also, thanks once again to Lyon.co.uk for helping with Dave’s task.