NCW wetsuits and wild swimming: can they be used?

Wild swimming is often perceived as being a skin only pursuit. In that those who dip do so in nothing more than their own flesh with zero rubbery covering. Some wild swimmers, however, do wear neoprene, to varying thicknesses, for a spot of stroking in the wild. Not everyone can deal with cold water immersions sans wetsuit. So a wetsuit will fit the bill.

Note: It’s also worth wearing a wetsuit if you’re new to wild swimming to avoid cold water shock. Building up slowly to swimming in just your cozy is the best course of action.

As with many watersport activities, wild swimming requires any garments worn to be flexible and allow freedom of movement. There’d be nothing worse than trying to swim in a wetsuit that was restrictive.

This was clip above was filmed in Fife, Scotland on a cold April morning. The water temperature is probably far less 8C. That’ll give you an idea of how cold the water may be and how much a wetsuit helps.

Fortunately, NCW wetsuits are perfectly up to the task of wild swimming – as can be seen in the accompanying video. We have many conversations with customers about wetsuits and this activity. There’s often a perception swimmers need to be wearing triathlon suits – which isn’t the case. A good quality, well fitting wetsuit that features decent flexibility will keep you warm and mobile wherever you choose to swim. Plus, the durability of NCW wetsuits means that wild swimming anywhere doesn’t need to be undertaken with thoughts of damage to your gear.

Thanks to Andy for the video who you can see more from here.

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