Summer SUP for surfers – why would you?

Summer surfing in the UK can be bliss. Waist high groomed peelers at sunset; overhead racers with mates; sucky lefts and rights with the family; you get the picture. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always materialise. High season can often see weeks of onshores, with nothing more than frothy slop available. Or worse, flat spells everywhere.

Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co. Classic stand up paddle board 9'11 10'6 painted glass Paulownia wood finish. #16
SUP doesn’t have to be just about waves – but it certainly works great if you fancy.

Outside of winter UK surfing can be a hit or miss affair. And even in the depths of those dark months it can still be tricky. Therefore keeping surf fit, for when a good forecast does pop up, is key. It’s also important to keep the stoke – no matter how you achieve this.

SUP for the flat day win.

One way to make sure you get those water hours logged is by getting a stand up paddle board. Now before you all groan and ‘switch off’ we’re not talking about riding waves on such a craft. (Although that’s an option and can deliver more wave sliding time if you’re open to the prospect). We’re talking about flat water paddling in between bouts of surfing.

When Momma Nature’s not playing ball wave wise having a SUP in your arsenal opens up so much more opportunity. Heading for sheltered waters surfers who paddle can clock up some miles and get that heart rate up. Or, alternatively, simply get some brownie points in the bag with a bit of family water time. Stand up paddle boards are great for kids with the whole crew sharing some aqua fun. When the surf finally bucks its ideas up you can swap back to your surf sled, being primed and ready to tackle some juice.

Choosing your perfect stand up paddle board from NCW.
Flat day paddling fun can get you primed and ready for your next bout of surfing proper.

Here at NCW we’re seeing more and more surfers take up the paddle arms and get amongst it when regular surfing shenanigans aren’t cutting the mustard. And for our money, if it gets you more time afloat what’s not to like?

Check out NCW’s range of stand up paddle boarding gear here. If you have any questions or need a hand choosing equipment give us a shout.

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