Nautix Windsurfing 4.5m windsurf sail test (video).

Nautix Windsurfing 4.5m windsurf sail test (video).

Natuix Windsurf is a newer brand to NCW. In fact, selling windsurfing hardware is a new exercise in general. As we aim to broaden out our product range windsurf gear fits the bill because of the connections and knowledge we have.

We’ve used the Nautix Windsurf 5.2m extensively – as has our Foilshop UK crew (NCW’s sister website). But this is the first time we’ve taken the 4.5m for a spin. Winds were a little flukey, with gusts around the 18 knot mark. With a holey wind you need a sail (for windfoiling at least) that’s going to punch riders up on foil and get them flying.

The Nautix Windsurf 4.5m has just the right amount of bottom end grunt to achieve early flights. Once up and going the sail’s light handling, and minimal drag, sees it slip through the air effortlessly. Even when paired with a higher aspect foil (that requires more oomph) the 4.5m does the job asked of it. And, again, that light handling plays directly into moves and transitions, seeing them accomplished with minimal effort.

Stay tuned for a full Nautix Windsurfing 4.5m windsurf sail review coming soon.

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