Surfing with a foil is like supercharged longboarding.

Surfing with a foil is like supercharged longboarding.

Surfing, on the right day, can be epic. Burning off down the line of a clean, groomed wall with speed on tap is addictive. Unfortunately, oftentimes (even when you surf regularly) scoring quality conditions in the UK can be hard. One of the biggest factors is slow poorly formed waves that take ages to jack up. And when they do it’s usually in the shallows where the whole thing closes out. Especially in summer.

One way to combat poor waves is to attach a hydrofoil. Now we appreciate this isn’t for everyone but it’s one way to combat those surfing blues.

Small waves and foils = dreamy glides.

Longboard surfing super charged style.

Every time we show people foil surfing videos (or see them ourselves) we can’t help but be amazed at how mediative it is. Of course, there’s a learning curve. And hours need to be spent learning to foil. But once it clicks those frictionless glides, swooping carving turns and lengthy rides look dreamy.

To us, it’s reminiscent of longboard surfing – in the cruisey, mellow sense of the term. Only on steroids. Supercharged longboarding if you will. Surfers often use longboards for increasing their wave count and length of ride when faced with slack waves. Well, a foil does this x10. OK, we appreciate the criticism of not being in contact with water. But that thought disappears when you catch a runner and gun off down the line for 700m+!

Foil futures.

If you don’t know NCW has a vested interest in foiling as we have a sister business dedicated to the cause – Foilshop UK. On any given day some of the team can be found flying above water. Foils increase water time considerably. And by that we mean increasing the hit rate of quality sessions. And without a quality wave in sight. Slack surf is most definitely good to go with a foil. The whole point, whether surfing, windsurfing or foiling in waves is to snag long rides. And foils deliver this without a doubt.

Supercharged longboard surfing i.e foil surfing.

We’ve talked about this before in a previous post but some riders feel foil surfing is the future. Not to say fin riding will disappear. It certainly won’t. But for the majority, as foiling equipment becomes ever more accessible, it’ll be the go to gear.

Big thanks to Foilshop UK and Lyon Watersports for helping with this article and providing the Indiana foil board you can see in the accompanying pics.

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