SUP surfing longboard style.

SUP surfing longboard style.

SUP surfing in waves is perhaps one of the most fun aspects of performance stand up paddle boarding. Yes, you have racing, which can give its own buzz, and there’s white water river running too. But as an easily accessible area for immediate stoke it’s wave environments that flick most people’s switches.

SUP surfing longboard style.

Whilst you can get hold of low volume, shortboard type surf SUPs it’s actually longboard style where stand up paddling in waves is really at. Most short surf SUPs are super technical to pilot. Whereas your standard, all round 10’6 is good to go if a bump materialises.

Smaller, slower waves are perfect for some longboard SUP surfing action.

The UK does get good waves. Surf of consequence if you will. But this isn’t for the masses (mostly). Firstly, individuals possibly don’t have time to be scouring coastlines in search of quality waves. And often being out of season when they hit there’s less incentive to get wet due to worse weather. Higher season months are when you find most paddlers checking in at wave venues. And any seasoned surfer will know this isn’t the best time for quality UK surf. But that doesn’t matter with a SUP underfoot. Any paddle surfer is primed to make the most of what summer offers swell-wise and have oodles of fun doing it.

Committed to the wave.

If you’re more committed and happy to chase swell through winter then a SUP in your arsenal is worth its weight in gold. Waves are more abundant at this time of year. And more likely to pulse into corners that wouldn’t otherwise get a sniff. But often they can be slacker or smaller in these areas. A stand up paddle board sled is therefore primed to get your wave count up closer to home. Without the need to travel SW into Cornwall, Devon or Wales for instance. Suddenly English Channel venues, shelter corners of Kent and North West England are worth a look.

SUP surfing longboard style.
Bigger waves are also worth a look if you SUP surf and have experience.

For sure, sometimes it goes flatter – even during winter. And therefore more exposed breaks that pick up surf are the go. But don’t forget your longboard surf SUP as it could be your session saver.

Surfing purist.

There’s often criticism leveled and stand up paddle surfers because of choosing to use a ‘stick’. But a paddle can help so much when it comes to catching and riding waves. We know plenty of prone surfboard riders who’ve previously slagged off SUP then tried it and are now hooked!

Bottom line is a broad and open mind yields more time on the water. And that, after all, is what the whole thing’s about.

SUP surfing longboard style.
Your trusty 10’6 all round SUP will make a great longboard style SUP surfing board.

You don’t need to be rip, shredding and tearing up the place always. A mellower session of liquid wall sliding is also fair game. Likewise, if you still aim to be progressive with your wave riding then you can achieve all this and more in longboard SUP surfing mode (with time and practice).

If you’ve been edging towards SUPing waves for the first time then give it a go. And if you’re already SUP surfing then big up! It’s one of the most fun areas of watersports and then some…

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