NCW’s top 3 watersports articles of 2021.

NCW's top 3 watersports articles of 2021.

A new year heralds forward-looking planning as well as taking a glance at the previous 12 months to see how things were. Here at NCW it’s back to the coalface and eyes lasered on what this year will bring. But we’re also keen to take notes from 2021 and build on our previous successes. Here’s a quick nod to the top 3 watersports articles we published from then.

That jellyfish post.

It seems that everyone wants to know about jellyfish. More specifically the most common types of jellyfish found in UK waters. As such this article has proved extremely popular. Who’da thunk it? If you missed the article then check it out via the link below.

Keeping your kids warm in cold winter seas.

We spend a lot of time developing, testing and refining kid’s wetsuit and wetsuit accessories here at NCW. As such we enjoy a reputation of being a quality brand for products related to your offspring and watersports. It’s therefore no surprise that an article we published about keeping your kids warm in winter seas proves to be popular. You can read it below. And if you have any questions relating to kid’s wetsuit products then let us know.

The truth about wild swimming and triathlon wetsuits.

NCW isn’t one to court controversy. But we will give it to you straight and tell you the facts. We get a lot of questions and queries relating to triathlon suits and wild swimming applications. Unfortunately, due to the rugged environment many wild swimmers end up dipping in, triathlon suits don’t really cut the mustard. Wild swimmers need a more durable wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. The article we published which goes more in depth about this topic is a popular explainer that you can find via the link below.

Stay tuned for more articles coming in 2022. If you fancy checking out our knowledge sections, for various watersports discplines, then you can find all that goodness below.