NCW gear scenarios: Merino Wool glove liners, cycling mode.

NCW gear scenarios: Merino Wool glove liners, cycling mode.

It’s safe to say the weather’s suitably brass monkeys in the UK currently. January is always the same, obviously. Although there are cooler days than others. For many, however, seasonality doesn’t halt outdoor activity. But there need to be processes in place. And clothing/gear at hand ready to make the most of it in as enjoyable a fashion as possible.

Merino Wool glove liners.

Originally designed to be worn as an extra layer between skin and wetsuit gloves NCW’s Merino Glove liners have a multitude of other uses. Which is why they’ve been featured on our blog a bunch of times. In this case, we’re talking cycling. And how they can be a great choice for anyone looking to bike in cold weather.

Keeping those hot aches at bay.

Whizzing along at speed in cold conditions with bare hands will certainly freeze those digits. Donning the Merino Wool gloves means no nasty hot aches whilst on your ride (or after). And all without losing grip on your handlebars.

Warm and toasty biking hands with NCW’s Merino Wool gloves.

Of course, should you end up in the drink on cold days then the Merino Wool gloves are still there for you to be worn beneath wetsuit gloves. And further keep you toasty and warm.

NCW’s Merino Wool gloves (and Merino Wool boot liners) are ripe for all kinds of outdoor pursuits. You just have to decide what and how you’re going to put them to good use. In the meantime check out the product listings below for more info. Or give us a shout with any questions.

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