Dave Ludgate’s winter windsurfing (so far).

Winter windsurfing can be super good when you score the right conditions. There’s no question it’s a colder time of year though. As such, any windsurfer (such as NCW team rider Dave Ludgate) needs to be fully tooled up. It just so happens Dave knows a chap who can provide him with the right rubber to make winter windsurfing all the more fun.

Of course, as with anything, there’s always a limit. Wind brings additional windchill. So at points, it may just be too cold for a sailing session. It’s usually a case of picking and choosing your days accordingly. Sitting on the bench, until the next bout of breeze, can be a wise move.

If you need any windsport related gear to help you maximise the off season’s conditions hit up NCW’s windsurfing range via the following link.


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