Winter wetsuit SUP trials (cont).

Winter wetsuit SUP trials (cont).

Winter wetsuit SUP trials continue at NCW. As we try to keep ahead of the keep, in terms of wetsuit design, every session counts. And with a run of good swell pulsing around UK shores it’s been prime time for continued testing. The wind’s have been friendly as well – which always helps.

Winter wetsuit SUP mode on.

NCW’s 5/3mm mini chest zip wetsuit really is a multi-discipline product. We might be putting it through its paces while stand up paddle surfing but any watersport’s good to go.

Going right. The NCW winter 5/3mm chest zip wetsuit working well.

The suit’s flexibility is most welcome when wielding a paddle. Those upper body movements required for SUP surfing mean this is key. Yet not to the extent of losing warmth. Have no fear though as this doesn’t happen.

Comfort and fit.

NCW’s 5/3mm winter wetsuit gives a comfortable and optimum fit. Riders can get on and focus on the job. And not worry about their SUP attire.

Front side in the pocket. SUP surfing style.

We spend a good deal of time getting NCW wetsuit sizing right. And ensuring this works across many sports. That means you, the wearer, benefits enormously.

Check out the full range of wetsuit gear I’m NCW’s webshop. Any questions just shout.