SUP jackets from NCW. Imminent arrival!

SUP jackets from NCW. Imminent arrival!

SUP jackets from us here at NCW are due to land. And we’re super excited about these. whilst we’re called them SUP jackets they actually fit a variety of applications. NCW boss man wore his about town recently. They also work as rigging coats for windsurfers and kitesurfers. So plenty of different ways to use them.

SUP jacket prototyping.

We’ve been prototyping these for a while. Plus, the whole global supply issue has meant they’ve not been with us when we actually wanted them. Although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With it now being winter these babies will suit the colder weather. You can still use them in poor conditions during high season as well though.

You don’t need to be riding swell for the SUP jacket to work great!

Stay tuned.

Keep your eyes peeled for when we pop these neoprene jackets online. All being well that should be imminent. As and when we do we’ll put the word out.

They’ll be available in a choice of colours and sizes. So something for everyone’s taste. Get in touch for more info.

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