Outdoor adventures: cold weather imminent!

Outdoor adventures: cold weather imminent!

Outdoor adventures get a cold snap from next week. Cold weather will swoop in proper to the UK by all accounts. This means it’ll get parky, and make no mistake about it. With that in mind you’ll need some additional warmth for your outdoor adventures.

Outdoor adventures need Sherpa fleece lined hoodies.

NCW’s Sherpa fleece lined hoodies are just the ticket for keeping you warm and toasty during cold weather and cooler spells. Whatever you’re up to these babies are great for fighting Jack Frost and look great.

They keep windchill at bay, are stylish and practical and very versatile. So whether eBiking, cycling proper, hill walking or heading home post-surf it’s wise to get tooled up ahead of the conditions.

NCW gear scenarios with the Sherpa fleece line d hoodie.

We’re all about keeping you out there and at it here at NCW. Whatever Momma Nature bowls your way. So hit up the following link to find more details about the outdoor adventures ready NCW Sherpa fleece lined hoody.

And while you’re at it check out the Sherpa fleece lined hats we stock as well.

As always get in contact if you have any questions about this or other NCW products.