eDrums NCW gear scenarios – NCW neo hooded jacket (video).

eDrums, or electric drums, are another option if tub thumping’s your thing. When volume levels of an acoustic drum kit aren’t palatable it’s a good choice. The neghbours will thank you! (Mostly). But why are we talking about musical situations on a watersports website? Read on to find out…

eDrums in the drum cave.

We’re always keen to show NCW products in practical application settings and how they could potentially be used. Music and palying in bands has long been an NCW thing. Head honch Mark is a bassman and has played in bands for years. The NWC fam kids are into their sounds and some of our friends are also very much about tunes and ditties – as you can see. Plus music and surfing have synergy as well. The two go in hand. Song of the sea to song on your streaming app of choice. (Or vinyl if you prefer to keep things real. Take a look at the Vinyl Crate at the Rubber Shack if you love the wheels of steel).

If you’re any kind of instrumenatlist chances are you have your allotted space. In this instance, the drum cave’s away from the main living space and a little chilly. Especially with winter setting in. But have no fear, NCW’s neo hooded jacket to the rescue! When you need to keep warm whilst bashing the tubs this coat does the job perfectly!

eDrums to watersports.

To be honest we appreciate not everyone is going to be playing drums (or other instrument) whilst wearing the jacket. But you get out point. It’s a versatile bit of kit that suits many different scenarios.

From the eDrum cave to the beach it doesn’t matter whether you’re a windsurfer, kitesurfer, stand up paddler, surfer, wild swimmer, bodyboarder, sailor or whatever the NCW neoprene hooded jacket is an essential item for your kit box. And if you want to play drums whilst wearing it then who are we to stop you?

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