NCW featured product spotlight(s) – Surflogic & Northcore dry robe changing ponchos.

It’s definitely that time of year, when the air temperatures are dropping, the same with water and pretty soon we’ll have icicles dangling and a white spread across the land. As that’s the case you’ll definitely be needing applicable gear to fend off the chill.

Being water babies means we’re used to a little bit of discomfort as we change into our wetsuits. Making off season disrobing all the more bearable, however, is key. One way to achieve this is by owning a decent change robe. It’ll protect your modesty as well as keeping you warm and toasty.

Changing dry robes are all the rage at the moment – some people even some them as high street fashion accessories. Although we’ve no idea why this is the case. But whatever, each to their own.

For those looking for decent high end dry robe changing smocs we have the Surflogic Storm long sleeve type –

And the Northcore Beach Bash Pro –

Either of these change robes would be great choices for the off season. Get in touch for more info or if you have any queries.