Winter surf travel – is this now back on the agenda?

During the pandemic travelling to surf – specifically abroad – hasn’t been the easiest of things. In fact, surf travel’s been pretty much non-existent. At time of writing (Sept 10, 2021), however, restrictions are lifting and the world is once again slowly opening up. Being as it was is certainly not the case but there are destinations you can head off to for a wave or three already in place.

Bailing into bath warm water is always more enjoyable than having to crack the ice first!

The UK government is suggested to be making changes to its travel traffic light system soon whereby they’ll remove green and amber colour coding and add countries with similar vaccination rates to that of here to the ‘can go’ list. Red will remain in place meaning those locations are still off the menu. If this goes ahead then wave venues that have been previous magnets for travelling surfers could once again be the go.

Even small swell is somehow more fun in an overseas, hot country.

Surfing and travel go hand in hand. The journey, the discovery, the immersion in swell of a different nature to that of your own backyard, experiencing different cultures, growing as an individual and so many more positive reasons are why it’s good to get gone once in a while. And there’s definitely a thirst for it!

Tropical sunsets back on the agenda?

As always with COVID related topics it’ll be a suck it and see situation we feel as nobody knows how things will pan out over the winter. Things can go south pretty quickly when talking viral pandemics. But likewise we may end up in a good situation and be able to head off for some warm water surfing without it being quite as tricky as it once was. There’ll undoubtedly be caveats in place but fingers crossed surf travel once again becomes a proper thing.

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