NCW featured product spotlight: 3mm Neoprene Super Stretch front zip SUP wetsuit jacket.

Whilst stand up paddle boarding is a relatively simple activity to get to grips with choosing the right paddling attire is a different story. The UK’s changeable climate, with no guarantee of specific weather (at any time of year – just take 2021’s summer season as an example!) it’s hard to know what you should be wearing for some SUP action.

Also, at time of writing, summer may still be in full swing but rest assured a few weeks from now will see altogether different weather as we head into autumn and eventually winter. You may get away with the minimum of SUP waterwear at the moment but in no time you’ll be needing to layer up and add garments to fend off the chill.

Two NCW products next to each other!

NCW came up with the 3mm neoprene super stretch front zip SUP wetsuit jacket initially as some customers were finding it tricky to get into back and mini chest zip wetsuits. Our full front zip wetsuit jacket addressed this problem by having a the aforementioned entry system. And whilst it will keep you warm as a stand alone jacket it’s much better to layer up with something additionally protective underneath. That way you’ll be super toasty yet able to vent your attire should overheating whilst paddling become a problem.

It doesn’t just stop at SUP either. As with many of NCW’s products, there’s more than one application for these items. Pick a watersports scenario and chances are you’ll find a use for the NCW 3mm neoprene super stretch front zip SUP wetsuit jacket that’s nothing to do with stand up paddle boarding!

If you have any questions about the 3mm neoprene super stretch front zip SUP wetsuit jacket or any other NCW gear then give us a shout.