Kiddy summer holiday windsurfing, windfoiling and wing foiling with Tahe Techno.

Tom Pringuer pics courtesy: Mike Pringuer.

You may be aware that NCW now sells Tahe Techno windsurfing boards. You may also know that our sister company, Foilshop UK, deals with the fly above water side of things and stocks the Tahe Wind Foil 130L. Did you also know that Tahe Techno boards (formerly BIC Windsurfing) are performance orientated bits of equipment that are child friendly? Sure, mum and dad can hop on for spin but it’s nice to see a brand serving up gear your offspring can use properly.

Tom Pringuer inbound for the windfoil gybe.

With school summer holidays still in full swing it’s sometimes tricky finding activities to keep your wee ones entertained. Watersports mightn’t be for every child but if yours are keen then frolicking in the sea, at the lake, or in (safe) rivers is one way to haul them away from screen time.

Active kids are healthy kids. We don’t want to preach but it’s true. Plus, this’ll give parents the excuse to get outdoors as well. Everyone happy, smiley and ‘surfed out’ come end of play. The best way to get a good night’s sleep. Then more to follow…

Tahe Techno 130L: also good for wing foiling as Tom demonstrates.

You may have already seen some of these accompanying pics floating about on our social media channels but these past few weeks we’ve been generously loaned some Tahe Techno windsurf and windfoil demo kit to let a few young riders we know do their thing and capture the results. And what results – oh to have had a youth like this!

Just check out the following pics featuring Tom Pringuer windfoiling and taking his first forays into the world of winging on the same board. And then there’re the two younger ones making great strides into the world of windsurfing (seven years and four respectively).

As we say the usability and easy nature of this windsurf equipment makes it applicable to young kids learning and progressing across all windy disciplines.

So if you’re looking for some versatile windsurfing gear, for the whole family to have fun with (beginner to advanced), then hit up NCW’s Tahe Techno windsurfing page to find out more –

And if it’s hydrofoiling that pricks your interest then check out our sister website Foilshop UK or click across to NCW’s Hydrofoiling Knowledge page via the link below –

Any questions about any of the above products just holla.