NCW Outdoor Adventure – we do land as well as sea!

It goes without saying North Coast Wetsuits are a pretty obsessive bunch when it comes to water – ocean and inland. We love being on it, in it and around it. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, swimming, foiling, whatever; we don’t mind as long it’s moist.

This all being said we’re also pretty fond of land based activities. For those who mightn’t be aware NCW boss man Mark loves a roll round on his skateboard with daughter and sometimes son. As an after work activity, that’s easily accessible, you can’t knock sliding sideways on a board with wheels.

But it goes deeper. The fact is we just love the outdoors. Again, head honch Mark has spent much time up a hill and dangling off cliffsides. He used to be part of the Coastguard Rescue team so knows his way round a cliff and rope bag.

30L backpack dry bag

The outdoors is where it’s at as far as we’re concerned – and it doesn’t need to be extreme either. A mellow stroll through the fields will suffice. For those who want a bit more, however, there’s always the camping element which we also appreciate. Or take things further still…

But why are we banging on about outdoorsy stuff rather than surfing and watersports? Well, it all goes hand in hand if you ask us, which is why we’re launching NCW Outdoor Adventure. Not content to simply provide you with all the necessary for briny immersion we’re now going to be offering a choice range of products designed to enhance your outdoors lifestyle regardless. Whether you enjoy a spot of camping, hill rambling, scrambling or strolling there’s probably something for you in the NCW Outdoor Adventure section – even if just a new pair of Julbo sunnies (which are awesome by the way!).

We’ll be steering clear of the super hardcore, technical mountain climbing gear and instead focusing on what an everyday family might need for a couple of days under the stars and few hours running the dogs and kids round. That said all this new range has been sourced from some top suppliers so quality – as with everything NCW – is guaranteed.

In tandem with this new range we’ll also be publishing a broader range of articles focusing on outdoor lifestyle, as well as continuing the more familiar saltwater drenched posts.

If you have any questions about NCW’s Outdoor Adventure line of products then get in touch.