Get a lesson! Surfing, SUP, windsurfing, kiting, foiling, watersports progression (and safety) guaranteed.

Pics courtesy: Local Surf Maroc

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re vying for – surfing, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, foiling, kayaking or other – getting some coaching from a qualified, experienced instructor will ensure rapid progression in the safest manner possible.

Progression is quick, once you know how. Having a guide is key. They can spot mistakes, help you correct these issues, divulge important knowledge, pass on tips and help you back to shore should the need arise. Having someone keep watch over you during the learning process is gold.

Surfing, as an example, takes place in an alien environment. When you’re not familiar with waves – how they break, how they impact the wider beach environment, (and from a surfing point of view) how you harness that energy and turn it into fun – it can be daunting and a hard slog. Even just 1ft can zap strength and give newbies a rinsing. With a surf coach watching your back, explaining how to do things efficiently and imparting key tips to hone your skills you’ll be more the wiser and enjoy the experience further. Plus, it’ll set you up for when you do head out solo.

And it’s the same with all other watersports. Knowledge is power which leads to progression which ultimately builds confidence and skill. Time on the water is needed but as much as possible this time should be quality. And tuition will see to it this is the case.

We’ll also add that even seasoned surfers with experience would benefit from a coaching session or two. It’s the knowledge thing again. You might be a dab hand ripping waves but a tweak here or there could see you shredding harder and more efficiently.

Read the NCW Beginner Guide to Surfing by hitting the following link –