More women in stand up paddle boarding for 2021?

Ladies who stand up paddle make up the biggest demographic of SUPers in the UK following 2020’s growth spurt of the sport. With 2021 looking likely to become another staycation summer, and outdoor recreation (including stand up) being key additional women looking to paddle is more than likely.

Alongside wild swimming SUP is an easily accessible activity that doesn’t require specific conditions. A stretch of water, board and paddle are all you need – hence the appeal for many. There’s no overly technical aspect (unless you want there to be) and anyone from all walks of life can get involved. It can be as performance driven or mellow as you like. And it’s a great activity for paddling with friends – socially distanced, of course.

It’s hard to put an exact finger on why ladies have fallen in love with stand up paddle boarding quite as much. But it’s looking increasingly like a trend that’s set to continue.

If you’re a female thinking of your first SUP set up, including all the necesary accessories such as wetsuits, rash vests, boots and so on then get in touch. NCW knows SUP, stocks a range of quality stand up paddle boards from O’Shea and, of course, all the wetsuit and paddling apparel you need to get afloat comfortably.

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