NCW Merino wool wetsuit glove liners: the best thing to happen to cold weather SUP since sliced bread.

NCW Merino wool wetsuit glove liners the best thing to happen to cold weather SUP since sliced bread.

NCW’s been selling Merino wool wetsuit glove and boot liners for a while. Originally designed to be worn inside each bit of kit they provide an additional layer of warmth and protection against the cold. Great for anyone who suffers with the dreaded hot aches.

We have it on good authority, however, that NCW’s Merino wool gloves work great as a stand alone garment in flat water SUP mode. SUP Mag UK’s editor Tez Plavenieks has recently been using them to great effect during the current cold snap we’re experiencing in the UK right now. He says:

‘I was initially thinking NCW’s Merino wool wetsuit glove liners wouldn’t be that practical for stand up paddle boarding as I perceived them to be ‘slippy’ and offer limited grip when holding my paddle. That myth was dispelled, however, when I took hold of the shaft and swept away.

NCW Merino wool wetsuit glove liner in flat water SUP mode.

My problem in cold weather has always been fingertips. The rest of me tends to stay nice and toasty buut my fingertips suffer. As an example I was only wearing a 2mm layer on my bottom half during this sesh but my legs were fine. Without these gloves, however, hot aches would’ve soon set in which I find particularly painful. Normally I just push on through hoping to reach the point where blood circulation returns and the pain subsides. This usually happens after around 20 minutes or so although I’d rather not have to go through the process at all!

On flat water NCW’s Merino wool gloves are perfectly fine to be worn without the covering of a wetsuit glove. Staying mainly dry and keeping hands out of the water they’re warm and protective. Even if you should get a bit of moisture on them then wind chill didn’t seem to be a problem. I’m now keen to try them worn inside wetsuit gloves and feel the benefits here.

I’m also wearing NCW’s thermal lined wetsuit boots in the pics which have proved their worth over a number of winter seasons.’

The eagle eyed out there may also spot Tez has the Sherpa fleece lined NCW beanie hat on his bonce, which are new in this winter season. What mightn’t be as obvious is the Sherpa fleece lined NCW he’s also donning as a mid-layer. We’re not suggesting these be used for SUP as there’s a very real risk of falling and getting wet – especially if you’re not as confident a paddler. For most these threads will serve as toasty warm land based attire to help fend off the chill before and after water sessions.

You can check out the Merino wool wetsuit glove liners, Sherpa fleece lined NCW beanie and hoodie below.