A few NCW watersports predictions for 2021.

As is customary at New Year beginnings resolutions and predictions are banded about by all comers. And who are NCW to back away from this tradition? So, here are a few 2021 watersports predictions from us. Let’s see how many we get right…

Stand up paddle boarding will continue to grow.

SUP’s unprecedented resurgence of growth in 2020 was because of the staycation/furlough/good weather cocktail. It stands to reason that with (perceived) disposable income, additional time at home, plenty of sunshine and the urge to get outdoors something like stand up paddle boarding would become the go to activity of the summer. Nobody could quite have predicted just how big SUP would (again) become though. And from what we hear on the grapevine this looks set to continue into 2021 with many headline stand up paddle brands having already sold their gear on pre-order!

All watersports disciplines will continue an upwards popularity trajectory.

You couldn’t move on Cornish beaches this summer at times with hordes flocking to the SW’s white sands and blue waters. At times the amount of people surfing was astounding. But it’s not just Cornwall or even surfing that saw huge numbers of participants. Many other watersports disciplines also featured growth and up take. With SUP predicted (above) to continue on this trajectory there’s no reason things like sit on kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing and so on won’t follow the same trend, as they’ve done so in 2020.

stand up paddle board safety with NCW

Wild swimming is (and will continue) to attract all comers.

Being the most simplest form of enjoying any stretch of water, by just immersing yourself, wild swimming is another activity that many became involved with in 2020. NCW has fielded no end of enquiries about wild/open water swimming. In particular, you ladies out there seem to enjoy your wild swimming – many of whom are still taking a dip now during the off season. Full respect!

Foiling (hydrofoiling) continues to garner interest.

At the performance end of watersports it’s hydrofoiling that’s serving to capture imaginations. Flying above water, either propelled by wind, wave or even electrical power is futuristic to many. Even though foiling – at least with some flight disciplines – isn’t that hard with previous watersports experience. Come spring 2021, when the weather improves, and we bet there’ll be more riders purchasing kit to get involved with foiling.

Our hydrofoiling partners – https://foilshop.co.uk/

Come this time next it’ll be interesting to see how the above panned out in 2021. Whatever you choose to participate in to while away your recreational time we wish you well with it.