SUP for autumn, winter (and summer and spring) – O’Shea 10’2/10’6 inflatable stand up paddle boards in stock.

Just because it’s autumn, heading into winter, doesn’t mean stand up paddling has to stop. Take the last few days for instance. Whilst it may have been a tad breezy it’s been sunny and mild. Plenty of sheltered nooks and crannies exist to enjoy some SUP fun.

For anyone looking to get hold of quality stand up paddle board equipment, NCW carries a range of gear from top SUP brand O’Shea surf. In particular, we have the 10’2 and 10’6 QSX in stock and ready to go.

O’Shea’s QSX tech features four stringers (two on the deck and two on the hull) that strengthen and add rigidity. This ensures the boards track and glide correctly with minimum deflection (bend).

If you want to find out more about NCW’s range of O’Shea inflatable stand up paddle boards then hit the following link –