Your NCW wetsuit: care for it and it’ll look after you!

Wetsuit technology and materials have come a long way over the years. (You can see how far things have progressed in NCW’s A Brief History of Wetsuits and How They Work). That said, even though materials have ramped up significantly in terms of their durability you still have to take care of wetsuits properly.

Tell us it isn’t so: you’ve wrapped up your surf sesh, enjoyed a few liquid glides, had a post-sesh bevvy on the beach with your pals and your rubber now lies languishing in a soggy mess at the back of your van. It hardly needs to be said this isn’t the best way to take care of your only protection against the harsh elements we inhabit every time a toe’s dipped in the brine.

With this in mind NCW put together a wetsuit care guide which you can find here. It’s worth a look even if just to refresh our memory. Check it out by hitting the following link –