Women who SUP – ladies who stand ruling the roost.

There’s no question regarding the level of interest stand up paddle boarding has had in 2020. After consolidating for a few years the perfect storm of elements has exploded the discipline once again. This time around, however, it’s you ladies ruling the roost as far as standing and paddling goes.

It’s not hard to see why. Female interest in SUP can be attributed to the lack of testosterone needed to actually get out and do the thing, among other rthings. You don’t need to be stomping sick tricks, or dominating the lineup in an Alpha male kind of way. SUP can be a lot gentler and actually benefit from the deft touch only a lady can give.

Technique’s certainly a necessity in stand up paddling and something females are very good at. Rather than trying to brute force things, as chaps often do, making sure everything’s more on point with efficiency is the better approach. Ladies just do this better.

There’s generally no point scoring either. Get a load of blokes in the room and it can become a measuring contest. Of course, women can be no less competitive and driven but when the ‘thing’ in question belongs purely in the recreational camp fairer sex types tend to treat it as such and don’t try and gain one-upmanship you find happening in male circles.

Stand up paddle boarding may continue its popularity rise into 2021 with more women hearing the call. If this is you and need a hand with female specific SUP wear or inflatable stand up paddle boards and paddles (which we also stock and know our onions with) give us a shout. We’re only too happy to help.

Check out the NCW stand up paddle boarding knowledge page for general SUP info. Or hit up the stand up products page if you need any gear for paddling.