Fish SUPper – using your stand up paddle board to hook a meal.

There are many uses for a stand up paddle board – it’s one of the most versatile water going craft around. And in fact, a SUP can do the job of a much bigger vessel. For instance if you’re the type who loves to cast a line then no need for a great big motor boat. Simply grab your rod, or spear gun, paddle out and get involved.

SUP fishing can be done in a few different ways. You can get rod holds and afix a bait to the deck. You may even take the tech one step further and add a fish finder. Some do this to guarantee there’ll be shoals. Alternatively you can don the rubber and use your SUP as a platform to hunt the depths for your catch spear fishing style.

Yet you can keep it simpler if you want. Simply attaching a line with hooked back whilst paddling around can also suffice. It comes down to how serious you want to make things.

SUP fishing has one big benefit compared to land based fishing or being aboard a fishing boat. You can access nooks and crannies that you can’t get to on foot or with a big hull. This means you may get lucky and reel in a big ‘un.

Whatever your choices SUP fishing is a broad spectrum of activity and yet another way to maximise your time on the brine with a paddle and board. And don’t forget, inflatable stand up paddle boards are just as good as hard SUPs for fishing.

If you need a hand with SUP choosing then give us a shout. Here at NCW we stock a range of inflatables that are fit for various tasks. And, of course, we’re more than capable of fitting you out with adequate paddling apparel. Let us know if you have any questions.