California vs Cornish surfing.

In terms of surfing and how it is on the ground Cornwall’s a world away from the dudeism of California’s surfing experience…isn’t it? (Note: this is obviously tongue in cheek).

Summer surfing.

California: sun soaked beaches with a seemingly endless supply of morning offshores and fun head high peeling waves. A moderate crowd of frothing surfers ready to rip and shred with a smattering of old school stylers.

Cornwall: relentless onshore sea breezes causing gutless 1ft to crumble and fizzle. Packed out beaches with ‘the lads, oi oi’ on foamies ready to impress the opposite sex with their wave shredding prowess.

Apres surf.

California: chilled out BBQs in the dunes with mellow vibes accompanying stories of the day’s session.

Cornwall: ten pints in and it’s bowling round the dance floor attempting to woo the crowd of hens down for the weekend. If luck’s in there may be some biff later.

Flat spells.

California: skimboards, wakeboards, stand up paddling and water time still the go – anything to get outside and enjoy the weather, ocean and beach ambience. Skateparks are also the go.

Cornwall: the pub! Drowning sorrows into a pint of Tribute with maybe the odd footy match to distract. Hanging outside Mac Ds donuting your Ford Fiesta classic choons banging.

Dawn sessions.

California: up and at ’em early doors to score sunrise glass. Paddling out to 6ft reelers swinging in. Hoots and hollas as your bros snag pits galore.

Cornwall: in bed sleeping off the hangover.

Alternative surfing activities.

California: anything wholesome that sees riders have the excuse to get outdoors.

Cornwall: Mac Ds, the pub and watching footy.

Winter surfing.

California: time to bust out the rhino chaser with swell size ramping up. Offshore bombies get lit and your bros have a new ski. Game on for big wave exploits with perhaps the odd jaunt over to the islands for some boardies action. Cali water’s a tad cooler now.

Cornwall: hiding under the duvet as relentless gales batter windows. Driving rain doesn’t do anything for encouraging riders out of their pit either. Grey skies, grey seas and having to scrape ice from windscreens and wetties only add to the mix. Occasionally the storm abates and there’s window to score 2ft sliders at that off the beaten track spot. But it’s still frigid out!

Food of choice.

California: spear fished mahi mahi cooked fresh on the barbie fired up right where you got out.

Cornwall: Pasties and Mac Ds. Kebab for post-Tribute pub sessions.

The surfing look.

California: skater surf punk chic vs flowing locks soul bro dude.

Cornwall: builder muckas.

Most likely to say.

California: ‘stoked bro!’.

Cornwall: ‘Pint o’ Tribute me lovely’.