‘Tis the season…to stand up paddle board of course!

At time of writing we appreciate the weather’s broken but we’re pretty sure warm air temperatures and calmer winds will return once again, soon. That said, the recent Med-like conditions have been idyllic. Glassy seas, mercury levels up in the mid-20s and seemingly every man and his dog wanting a piece of SUP.

Stand up paddling has been around for a while now – much longer than you’d think (Google the history of stand up paddle boarding for more info). No longer deemed a fad there’re more and more people purchasing SUPs and getting afloat whilst swinging a blade – especially inflatable stand up boards.

iSUPs, a they’re referred to, make up the majority of sales – in the UK, Europe but also now further afield. In the US, for instance (which used to solely hard shell SUPs), inflatables are on the rise.

Air board benefits have been spoken about till the cows come home. Inflatable SUP performance isn’t comparable to a hard board bt the convenience, ease of storage, simplicity of travelling with and its soft nature makes iSUPs the best choice for a good number of newbies and even progressing paddlers.

Here at NCW we’ve long been fans of stand up paddling. We support a few riders in the SUP industry by providing wetsuits and neoprene accessories but we also like a ‘sweep’ ourselves. Oh, and did we tell you NCW sells inflatable stand up paddle board equipment?

But back to the weather…and wider events that, of late, have combined to make inflatables a super attractive purchase.

It’s now been confirmed that not only was May a sunny month it was, in fact, the sunniest month on record ever! It was also pretty calm (mostly) with light winds. Sea breezes did show up from time to time but in areas prone to this phenomenon early mornings and late evenings still delivered sheet glass paddling conditions. Now add in the fact that many UK residents won’t be heading abroad this year, instead having to do indulge in staycation style trips. So with good weather on the cards, and time spent at the coast, next to a lake or river with maybe the odd duck pond in the mix, how best are you people going to maximise this time? (Also chuck in the want to do something perceived as cool yet easy). Get an inflatable paddle board of course!

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard how unprecedented numbers of new paddlers has been. Checking relevant social media groups and this is even more startlingly obvious. Group member requests almost hourly with follow up questions concerning all aspects/topics of SUP. It’s pretty bonkers top be honest – but great at the same time.

Out of all the available watersports stand up paddle boarding is probably the easier one to get to grips with. For anyone looking at taking things to a performance level this is possible. But for most, having completed those first strokes, it’s often a case of propelling up and down the coast in a cruise fashion. You can see the appeal…

We love surfing at NCW, but we also too love a mellow sojourn on flat water aboard one of our O’Shea inflatable stand up paddle boards. It’s a way to become lost in your own thoughts, observe nature and the outdoors from a different perspective and a really safe way to get kids involved with watersports.

NCW loves SUP which is why we stock the gear. If you’re considering purchasing your inflatable stand up paddle board but haven’t quite made the leap yet give us a shout. We’re only too happy to answer questions and share the stoke.

Likewise, if you’re already a seasoned SUPer then don’t forget we provide all the paddling attire you need. Check out the NCW shop for more of give us a shout.