Surf tunes – bands and musicians passionate about surfing who actually ride!

Music, as much as surfing, is life to many. Without music we’d be a much lesser species. But what about those who combine their passions of sliding waves AND writing quality tuneage. Maybe this’ll make you love them more, or maybe it doesn’t really matter. Whichever side of the fence you sit with this in mind it’s always fun learning of musicians and bands who indulge in a bit of liquid wall sliding. Check out the list below, some may surprise you.

Parkway Drive (Winston McCall, Ben Gordon)

Purveyors of slab heavy (pun intended) metalcore outfit, Parkway Drive who hail from Australia, it may come as no surprise that members of PV love a bit surfage. And we’re not talking mediocre dribblers either. Vocalist Winston and drummer Ben Gordon seriously charge! Check out the vid with Winston below.

Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder)

Mates with The GOAT (Kelly Slater) Pearl Jam’s enigmatic frontman, Eddie Vedder, is a super keano when it comes to scoring some H2O action. Spending much of your childhood chasing SoCal waves will do that to you!

Ben Howard

English born Howard is always enthusiastic to escape to the coast and get some juice. Once asked whether he prefers surfing or music his response was: ‘Surfing! I think we’re all guilty of that’. As far as claims to (other) fame goes Ben’s been known to share a few with Mr Rob Machado.

Fu Manchu

Hailing from San Clemente, California, surf culture and narratives are deeply embedded in stoner rock outfit Fu Manchu’s musical output. How could it not be? The super popular California Crossing album has tracks that have been featured multiple time on surf and skate vids sealing their watery connections.

Jack Johnson

Hawaiian born Jack Johnson has enjoyed huge success with is chilled out brand of reggae-tinged melodies that mainstream types have adopted as their own over the years. Dig deeper and the acoustic strumming chap is bona fide bull in the surf, charging such heavy spots a Pipe among others.

Coldplay (Chris Martin)

Mild-mannered Chris Martin of uber-successful Coldplay loves a bit of saltwater board action. Having surfed all across the States, from Malibu to The Hamptons, Martin is quoted as saying surfing allows him to escape all the Tinsel Town melodrama of Hollywood.

Metallica (Kirk Hammett)

Riffmeister General Kirk Hammett of colossal metal Gods Metallica can often be found swapping the axe for a stick during his chase for swells in areas right across the globe. From the Philippines, to Portugal, Hawaii and Morocco when not shredding in front of mega sold out stadium audiences he’ll most likely be immersing in Mother Ocean.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Anthony Kiedis, Flea)

Both bass player Flea and partner in crim Kiedis, from funk rock brothers Red Hot Chilli Peppers love a bit of surf riding. Kiedis, as some may recall, even landed a role in Cult Swayze/Reeves surfing/heist movie Point Break. Both band members have been frontline during surfing charity events and continue to do so.

Jason Mraz

Learning to surf late in life, 28, Mraz subsequently fell in love with the art of wave riding and has been chasing swell sever since. Jason often likens the act of going over the ledge to writing music. As metaphors go it’s very similar, he explained on one of his Facebook posts.

Incubus (Brandon Boyd, Ben Kenney)

With the ocean on Brandon Boyd (frontman) and Ben Kenney’s (bass) doorsteps during their youth it’s no wonder Incubus is so intrinsically linked to surfing. Boyd is also a member of Make Yourself Foundation and collaborating with surf brand Hurley he’s known as a surf activist whilst Kenney continues to get wet at every opportunity between gigs.

Sunset Sons

Being based in SW France, with abundant beachies on tap, shouldn’t surprise many that indie rock band Sunset Sons are well keen on board sliding action. Appearing on a web show with Magicseaweed and Hurley Surf Club solidified their rep as a bone fide surfing band.

There are plenty more surfers who happen to solo musicians and/or part of bands. How many more do you know?