Kids, kids, kids – NCW children’s wetsuits and wetsuit accessories available!

It’s no secret the weather’s been glorious (by and large) across the UK of late. Having endured a thoroughly wet, windy and ‘orrible winter it’s lovely to have decent conditions served up by Momma Nature. Particularly during times like these where we’re still not able to move about quite as freely as we once did.

That said, we know some of you have been, or will venture to your local stretch of water – be that the beach, lake, river or other. Even if you can’t, and you’re confined to home grounds, there’s always the paddling pool option if you’re fortunate enough with outside space.

The problem, of course, is that while air temperatures have been rising any bit of water – even that paddling pool – will be on the cold side. So while it’s great to get your kids wet they’ll need protection against the elements, otherwise they’ll likely turn blue!

NCW’s long been a peddler of kiddy friendly neoprene products – it’s one of our most popular ranges. And it’s no different this year. We have full length arm/leg children’s wetsuits, ant-UV kiddy rashvests, ankle boots/socks/gloves to keep your offspring nice and toasty as well a plethora of other goodies in the NCW shop. Oh, and if you parents are in need of rubbery attire – such as adult wetsuits or accessories – then we can provide you with these as necessary also. Basically, we sort the lot! (And a bunch of other things to boot).

So get yourself and your kids sorted out for the next few months with some decent NCW gear for getting wet. You don’t need to be a surfer either. There are plenty who simply use wetsuits to make use of the water, sans board.

Check out the NCW kid’s range of wetsuits and accessories in the NCW shop. If you have any questions about any of NCW’s products then give us a shout.

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