Changing your surfing game post-lockdown

As we all know lockdown restrictions have been eased and we’re able to get back in the water surfing. That doesn’t, however, mean the pandemic is over. Far from it, in fact. Social distancing still needs to be adhered to which ultimately means having packed out beaches is a no no. But we still want to surf, therefore changing the way you do things is to be considered.  We don’t want to sound preachy but here’re a few points to keep in mind.

Keep it local

If you’re fortunate enough to live close by (within a few miles) or even next to a surfing beach then stick to it. There’s always temptation to check round the point and that next bay. But in a lot of cases, having done that in the past, ending up back at point A is usually what happens. Also, by staying local you’ll be able to pick and choose your times according to when it’s less busy. In an age of social distancing dawn sessions with few surfers in the water have never looked so appealing.

Try a different discipline

We appreciate not everyone does live close to or on a surfing beach. In most cases you’ll probably be far from the ocean blue. Most landlocked surfers have to travel a fair distance to access waves. If this is you perhaps consider a different discipline. With restrictions now eased heading outdoors is possible and we’re sure there’ll be an accessible stretch of water somewhere much closer. It may be applicable for stand up paddle boarding or kayaking which, whilst not surfing per se, will keep you in shape for that next wave sliding sesh. These activities are also pretty fun regardless, if you approach in an open minded fashion.

dave ludgate NCW sup rider

Land based fun

If you’re really averse to changing the type of watery activity you indulge in and/or there’s no suitable stretch of water close by then land based activities could be the go. NCW are big fans of skating. And as we all know you don’t need to be wanging massive hucks down stairs. Mellow longboard cruising is just as bona fide, or perhaps downhill rolling. And surf skating is a thing with uber carveable skateboards now available to everyone. Mimicking your surfing movements whilst aboard a wheeled deck is another way to keep the muscle memory sharp at the very least.

Daniel Taylor downhill skateboarding
Daniel Taylor downhill skateboarding

Changing the record altogether

Understandably some may just not get the stoke they’re looking for without actually surfing. In which case maybe hanging it up for the time being, and doing something totally different (yet no less fulfilling), is the way forward. Out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes. There are lots of new hobbies to discover, if you’re absorbent.

Ultimately we’re not quite out of the woods yet, as far as COVID-19 goes. And whilst we’re able to go and get wet we should definitely be considering how to do this safely.

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