Keeping your kids warm in waves. It’s often about wetsuit fit. The right fit can be challenging.

With the correct fitting winter wetsuit even on a cold winters day your kids will be jumping with joy.

What do you know about kitting out you child with a correctly fitting wetsuit ? A word of caution as some little ones can react in a negative way when putting a wetsuit on, especially if it is their first time in a snug fitting winter suit. Here is some advice that might help. We’ve been fitting out kids with wetsuits since 2004 that includes our own kids too. We’ve seen lots of kids struggle, physically and mentally, when trying on a wetsuit. Here are a few tips in no particular order that may help.

NCW kids 5mm full wetsuit
body boarding fun in Cornwall in our kids winter wetsuit. Full 5mm super stretch neoprene with GBS seams
Kids 3mm full wetsuit

Take your time, leave thin socks on as it helps with their feet getting in through the suit. Sometimes small plastic bags over the hands can really speed getting their arms in too. Best not to get them to try it when they are hot and sticky as it makes it far harder. Neoprene, even nylon lined, will stick to warm humid body. Cool and calm works best for sure. A common issue is folks ‘think’ the wetsuit is too small. In most cases if you can get them into a suit even with a bit of a struggle then it is the right size. If it goes on in seconds it is probably too loose. If arms and legs are a little long they can be rolled back without an issue and it gives them some grow room too. The main thing is that it is snug on their torso and at the neck, ankles and wrists seals. If these are loose it will flush with cold water. We see so many kids in loose suits that then flush and fill up with cold water. A lose fit like that will never keep them warm. Equally there can be with a young child a compromise over fit as for some too snug a fit is not ideal. Some kids just don’t like that feeling of being ‘compressed’ in too tight a wetsuit. Sometimes for their peace of mind they need it a little looser but try to explain to them it won’t be so warm if it’s loose. We’ve found even little ones can take that on board. A loose fit to keep them ‘happy’ can be needed with some children. Slightly loose is far better than no wetsuit at all if they won’t get into a snug suit. With time they will grow and fill it too, by which time they are not so concerned as it’s not new to them. Patience overall really helps with the process. If you need any advice please email or call us, we are always happy to help.

NCW kids 5mm full wetsuit with GBS seams, two go body boarding
kids have fun in correctly fitting wetsuits
Christmas fun in the Surf at Polzeath, North Cornwall
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