Kukena Candles – handmade here in Cornwall

kukena candles handmade in Cornwall

Down at the Rubber shack we are now stocking Kukena candles, locally made …. here are a few words … drop us a line if you wanted a candle mail order.


Kukena surf candles are handmade and eco-friendly. Made with soy wax & pure plant oils by surf and swim coach Kate Sparks in Cornwall.

Why did you set up the business?

I wanted to bring together my passions for surfing, the sea and natural living through an outlet which I could channel my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in a way that truly represents what lights the fire in me.

Why Candles?

Candles set the scene to unwind like nothing else, I feel like once a candle is lit, its tools down and the moment to dedicate some serious time to looking after yourself. I’ve been making them for six years now and love how they give off a gentle, flickering and most of all, natural light.

What are the ingredients?

I make all the candles using soy wax, which is good because as well as being natural it burns slowly. I don’t use any artificial fragrances – just pure essential oils, which are the oils directly from plants. The bonus is that these oils have many therapeutic properties such as the mosquito repelling effects of Lemongrass.

What does ‘Kukena’ mean?

​ Kukena is Hawaiian for the continual movement of water. The essence of Kukena is the freedom of enjoying things we love, from surfing with its Hawaiian origins, swimming to simply living naturally. ​

Kate Sparks
Founder of KUKENA (based in Newquay)

Kate’s candles have a 30 hour burn time and are available in Lemongrass, Peppermint and Rose Geranium fragrences at a cost of £12.95