Flat spell fulfillment – NCW SUP strap accessory must haves

NCW sup stand up paddle board shoulder strap carry sling

It’s no secret the UK’s been ‘suffering’ from a monumental heatwave AND surfing flat spell of late – she giveth and she taketh away. Now don’t get us wrong we’re all for Mediterranean esque conditions. It’d just be nice if this was accompanied by a few fun waves…But fear not! There’s always a way to get on the brine. We appreciate not everyone will agree but stand up paddle boarding is one way to scratch that itch.

If there really are no ripples then no worries. SUP gives you all the ‘stuff’ you need. Coastal exploring/touring or simply floating about in the sunshine can be sublime. And should a few ripples appear, that you wouldn’t even sniff at for surfing, then SUP’s additional momentum and paddle propulsion enables the catching of said ripples and snagging a few glides.

NCW sup stand up paddle board shoulder strap carry sling
NCW sup stand up paddle board shoulder strap carry sling

In light of you busting out the SUP during this period you’ll need the correct method of transporting your board. Have no fear NCW is here! To make the carting of super easy our SUP (or longboard as it happens) sling makes easy work of getting your craft to and from the put in. A super light product, that’s easy to size up for different types of SUP, these adjustable loops fit snugly to the board before you sling over your shoulder and march on yonder. The shoulder part of the strap is padded for extra comfort and the straps come with their own carry bag and belt clip. This means you don’t have to make unnecessary trips bag to the car/van to drop the straps off. Simply tuck them up, attach to your person and head afloat.

It’s the little products that make all the difference and why on the face of it SUP straps may seem like a ‘nice to have’ trust us when we say they’ll quickly become a necessary part of you watersports tool box. Check out the following link for more info –


For anyone looking to get hold of stand up paddle boards and paddles it’s worth noting NCW is now and O’Shea SUP dealer. For more info see –