Surfing: the fickle partner

Why are you leaving? There’s still so much we can do together. I know we’ve had a tough run of late but trust me when I say I’ll make things better. Honestly. I’ve just been having an off period. Yes, I know every time you’ve made sacrifices for me I’ve let you down but I’m going to change. I hate winter and really get the blues – it takes me so long to snap out of it. But summer’s here (more or less) and we can start afresh. Please don’t throw it all away now. We’ve had many good years and I can tell you there’ll be plenty more to come. Yes, I appreciate everything gets harder as we grow older but aren’t the best things always worth fighting for and making an effort with? How happy do I make you when it all comes together? How big is that smile you have plastered across your face when it all works out? For days as well, not just hours! Go on, I dare you to remember the last quality bit of time we spent together. See! You’re grinning now! I told you! Please stay. As a big thank you I’ll make sure the imminent Bank Holiday Weekend is amazing – one to remember. You don’t need to go anywhere, all you need’s right here. Look, everything’s brighter already…I know I can make things hard for you and your family. Not to mention work. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’ve considered getting help but I don’t think that’ work as there are too many factors involved in how I am. And after all, everyone needs to unleash sometimes. I get so stressed with everyone wanting the best from me. But it’s you I really care about and want to make happy. I know, how about a new toy to cheer you up? And no, I’m not trying to buy your favour I just think that with things about to get better why not indulge with a whole new set of tools, so to speak? Ahhh, I can see that’s pricked your interest. See, I know what you’re like and how to make you happy don’t I? I’m not trying to be all smug but I do know you love our relationship too much to up and leave. Picture yourself without me. I don’t think you’d be that happy and neither would I. I think we should have an early night and then see how things are in the morning. There may be a surprise waiting for you…Come on, let’s just put this all behind us.