Stuck in surfing’s rut – tips to claw yourself out

It’s all too easy to become stuck in a surfing rut. You know how the story goes: grab same board/wetty combo, head to usual beach, paddle out and surf standard 2-3ft slightly onshore slop, head to local watering hole and sink a few before heading home. Whilst this is certainly commendable behaviour in some ways (after, all we’re keen to see every rider getting amongst it) we readily agree that eating your fave biscuits everyday will mean they quickly stop being your besties.

So what to do? Here are few simply suggestions to help get you out of that surfing rut.

Ride a different board

Rather than grabbing your old trusty why not switch it up to something different. Maybe a log could be the one. Or maybe a single fin. Whatever your choice switching sleds, at least for a time, will force a different approach and therefore expand your surfing repertoire.

Switch your spot

This may seem obvious but simply heading round to the next bay can be a good move. After all, not all waves at all locations work in the same way. Again, this will force any rider to alter their approach and figure stuff out thereby making your session more engaging.

Inject more fun into your surfing

Surfing’s ALL about fun. If you’re not enjoying your riding then you have to ask why. All too often we see surfers emerging from the froth with a surly look on their face. Surely being in the drink is better than being in the office? For those this resonates with perhaps look at why you’re not smiling more and do something about. One thing that worked for us is heading out atop a foamie. For pure shiz and giggles you can’t beat a sesh on a Swelly.

Take a surfing holiday

We appreciate this time of year can be off putting for many in the UK. The cold and general weather conditions aren’t exactly appealing. UK surfing certainly isn’t all boardies and BBQs. If this is what you yearn then now’s the time to grab your gear and get gone. Warmer climes and a decent dose of Vitamin D can do wonders for your well being and surfing. It’s also nice to spend quality time with your family. And on that note…

Teach your kids to surf

If you haven’t done so already then introduce your offspring (for those who have them) to the ways of the ocean. With a decent wetsuit (of which NCW can supply) there’s still time to get your kids amped on surfing. Even if it’s only messing about in the froth they’ll love it and as a parent there’s no better reward than seeing their beaming faces.

These are just a few ways to inject a bit more spice into your surfing. We’re pretty sure there are many more. Let us know what methods you favour.