Stay at home riding – doorstep surf sessions

Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and all these sports have a ‘travel to ride’ thing ingrained within the culture. Hitting up far and away destinations, for your fix of ocean blue, has been on the agenda for aeons. Peruse your fave magazine, check out the latest vid of ripper XXX or gaze on in wonder at your mate’s latest overseas adventure shots and we’re sure you’ll be going green with envy. The fact is outside of the privileged few there are only small numbers of us who can actually manage to get away at the drop of a hat. For many it’s doorstep sessions that will have to suffice. And we appreciate that not everyone even lives at the coast…

If you do, however, then you pretty much get what you’re given. With work/life commitments coming into play – especially as we grow older – those sessions, although frequent (if you’re lucky) may only happen at your local.  Yet what’s wrong with that?

For sure there’s definitely something in travelling to improve. After all a different venue with different set of conditions is going to make you work harder but ultimately notch your skills up to the next level. Also you may be one of the stand outs in your ‘hood but elsewhere competition may come thick and fast. This is no bad thing either. But when you only have an hour or so, splash and dashing it really is the only option.

The other thing you may come up against, depending on your location, is consistency. We’ve talked about this before but if you’re local isn’t exactly wave rich then diversifying your activities is how to achieve maximum brine time. A willingness to surrender yourself to Mother Nature’s moods is how you’ll end up with a more fulfilling salty life. But you’ve got to be open…

Even if you reside next to a juice rich surf spot chances are you’ll have your fair share of days when it’s simply no go. Unfortunately in the UK onshores and changeable weather are par for the course. We sometimes face weeks of unsurfable conditions. Having a secondary activity that you can still participate in close to home is therefore well worthwhile.

And what of those who live inland? Same as above. You may want to surf desperately but living far from the beach makes this impossible. So having an alternative activity is a good idea until the next time you manage to get wet.

All in doorstep sessions are no bad thing. If you’re lucky enough to have a stretch of water close by then make use of it, by whatever means necessary.

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