NCW article roundup – autumn 2017

It’s been a busy year again for NCW, both on and off the water. For those who keep beady eyes on our website you’ll have also noticed regular articles, spanning a broad topic base, being posted and shared. We do appreciate, however, some of you may miss stuff we put out. With that in mind here’s a brief roundup of what you may have missed. Check it out.

If you’re into stand up paddle boarding then you’ll want to check out Sam’s Coastal Challenge. Sam Robinson planned to paddle the 250 miles of Cornish coastline aboard his SUP. Sometimes things don’t according to plan, however. Check out the article and subsequent FB pages to discover the story –

Have you ever heard a surfer say stuff you don’t quite understand or find slightly amusing? Are you a surfer yourself who uses surf speak. Well here are a few things you definitely WON’T hear a surfer say –

For anyone who learnt to surf this summer some of these newbies mistakes may resonate. And for seasoned pros, who’ve heard/seen it all you may find a few of these anecdotes familiar/amusing –

Has surfing ruined your life? Is it the only thing you think about/care about doing? Is scoring a session to the detriment of other things in your life? Maybe…

And finally our last article discusses the foiling phenomenon and how this may or may not impact our watery lives. Foiling has been on the lips of many during 2017 – whether that be kitesurf foiling, windsurf foiling, SUP foiling or surf foiling. It’s a hot topic and one we were keen to discuss. How things pan out will prove interest that’s for sure –

Don’t forget to check NCW’s regularly for plenty more articles and stories in the archives. Also stay tuned for more moving forwards. Happy reading!